• What is the L2YL Meetup?

    My intention for the Listen to Your Life (L2YL) Meetup Group is to create a casual, relaxed, safe, anti-racist space for people of all backgrounds to come together virtually or in-person to:

    (1) Share insights/lessons/teachings that support living a meaningful, abundant, mindful life;

    (2) Offer support to each other as we navigate the ups and downs of life;

    (3) Be in service to our communities by participating in service projects.

    There is nothing better than living life fully engaged, with connection, clarity, and purpose.

    RSVP for an upcoming event and join us either virtually OR in-person wt www.meetup.com/listentoyourlife.

    More about me at www.sharonshelton.com.

  • Is there a cost to view these recordings?

    The recordings are currently offered free of charge.

  • How can I find out more information about life coaching?

    You can schedule a FREE 30min discovery session to see if coaching is right for you at www.talktosharon.com.

  • If I attend a Meetup, will my identity be known?

    I have edited video recordings so they do not reveal any attendee identities aside from the presenters. If that is not possible, I will only make the audio recording available.

L2YL Meetup Recordings

  • 1

    About Listen to Your Life Coaching

    • About Sharon Shelton

    • Alcoholism - My Journey to Recovery

    • Schedule Your Coaching Consultation...

  • 2

    L2YL Meetup - Tips for Navigating Challenging Times

    • Tips for Navigating Challenging Times with Sharon Shelton

  • 3

    L2YL Meetup - Legal Considerations for Entrepreneurs

    • Legal Considerations for Entrepreneurs with Kristy Cook

  • 4

    L2YL Meetup - Understanding Nutritional Deficiencies

    • Understanding Nutritional Deficiencies with Pooja Chilukuri

  • 5

    L2YL Meetup - Align Your Home with Your Life

    • Aligning Your Home and Your Life with Dorena Kohrs

  • 6

    L2YL Meetup - Successful Career Transition

    • Making Successful Career Transitions with Dr. Michelle Bailey

  • 7


    • L2YL Meetup - Guided Body Scan

  • 8

    L2YL Meetup - Financial Expert Panel

    • L2YL Virtual Meetup: Guest Panel on Financial Management & Home Buying

Listen to Your Life Meetup Founder

ICF-Certified Professional Coach (CPC)

Sharon Shelton

Certified Professional Coach (CPC) for over 12yrs.

Certified Mindfulness Teacher (CMT-P). Member of the International Mindfulness Teachers Association.

SCORE small business mentor. Voted a Top Life Coach in Raleigh NC for 2017, 2018, 2019 by Expertise.

Founded the 3700+ member L2YL Meetup that meets virtually. www.ListenToYourLife.